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  Below are samples of Table Cards, Tags, Bookmarks and scrolls. All  samples are customizable. You get to choose the wording, typeface, and paper so the  favors will represent your personal style and colors of your wedding.

A typical message notes that a donation has been made in the guests' honor to the American Cancer Society, in memory of a loved one or in honor of a cancer survivor. Your name(s) and event date appear at the bottom. Finished printed orders usually ship within 7 to 10 business days, however expedited processing is available.

There is no minimum number of favors or cards that must be ordered or is there a maximum. There are no "prices" for the favors or fees for the printing or in-house shipping and processing. We trust our donors to make a fair donation in return for their favors. Donations may be 100% tax deductible. Your donation helps the American Cancer Society save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays by helping people stay well, get well, find cures, and fight back.

To ask us about our wedding programs design,please email us at

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Sample #1
Size: 3 ¼ x 2 ½ (Folded)
Color:  Ivory Card Stock
Font:  Kepler Light

Sample#1  Sampl1b

Sample #2
Size: 4 ¼ x 2 ¾
Color: Ice Blue Paper
Font: Adorable


Sample #3
Size: 2 3/16 x 6 ½
Color: White Card Stock
Fonts: Allegro, Monotype Corsiva


Sample #4
Size: 2 ½ x 5 ½
Color: Ivory Card Stock
Font: Monotype Corsiva

Sample #5
Size: 4 ¼ x 5 ½
Color: Slate Paper
Font: Copperplate Gothic Light

Sample #6

Size: 4 ¼ x 5 ½
Color: Orchid Paper
Fonts: Harrington, Edwardian Script


Sample #7

Size: 4 ¼ x 5 1/2
Color: Rose Paper
Font:  French Script


Sample #8
Size: 4 ¼ x 5 1/2
Color: Parchment
Font: Bradley Hand ITC

Sample #9
Size: 4 ¼ x 5 1/2
Color: Cream Paper
Fonts: Times New Roman, Allegro

Sample #10

Size: 8 ½ x 5 1/2
Color: White Paper
Font: Marriage Script


Sample #11
Size: 5 ½ x 8 1/2
Color: Green Parchment
Font: Script MT Bold


Sample #12
Size: 5 ½ x 8 1/2
Color: Periwinkle Paper
Font: Pristina


Sample #13

Size: 6 ¼ x 4 ¼ (Folded)
Color: White Cardstock Logo On Front
Font:  Kepler Black Italic

sample13b sample13a

Sample #14
Size: 6 ¼ x 4 ¼ (Folded)
Color: White Cardstock
Font:  Arial


Sample #15

Size: 8 ½ x 11
Color: Balsa
Fonts: Lucida Calligraphy













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