- All volunteers and staff must submit this form on their own behalf.

   - Submit only the Event Program, Event Year and Event ID for up to 5 events below.
     If you need access to more than 5 events, please submit another form.
 If you need access to more than 5 events, please submit another form.

   - Issues with an EMC Request? Please allow 5 business days before following up on a request. 
     STAFF: Submit an Event Website Support case in Salesforce  VOLUNTEERS: Please call 800.227.2345, option 2.

   - This is not where to request EMC POC access or Greater Giving access.

  STEP 1: Complete Required Training
  NEW Society Staff and Event Volunteers – are required to review the Event Management Center guide: 
   Participant Management,   and complete the IT Security Awareness and Acceptable Use Policy webinars.

  STEP 2: Log In *REQUIRED* 
  Returning User: Had EMC access in the past and/or participated in an ACS event in the past 3 years, CLICK HERE TO LOG IN 
  Once you are logged in, you will be redirected back to this form and can proceed to step 3. 
  New User: Please create a log in via your event's website before proceeding. Click here for instructions. 
  Once you have created your log in, return to this form and CLICK HERE TO LOG IN. 


STEP 3: Select Event Manager Role



STEP 4: Details Of Event Website
Only enter information for one event website for one year. If you need multiple events, see step 5. Need help locating Event ID's? Click here





STEP 5: Additional Events (If Needed)
If you need access to addiitonal events, you may submit 4 more below. If not, proceed to step 6.

If you need access to more than 5 events, submit an additional EMC Access Form.














STEP 6: Accept Acknowledgement of Reponsibility
I understand that the data I will be working with is proprietary, and I agree to maintain confidentiality with respect to donor and participant privacy. I understand it is my responsibility to protect participant data, and have completed the necessary ACS Privacy Training to successfully fulfill my duties.



STEP 7: Confirm Log In
Please DO NOT EDIT log in information below, editing will result in you being assigned access to an incorrect account.

  If log in below is incorrect, log out of all event windows (or open an incognito tab) and access this form again and log in to the correct account.








If you respond and have not already registered, you will receive periodic updates and communications from The American Cancer Society.


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STEP 8: Submit
Upon clicking the "Submit" button, you should be taken to a confirmation 'Thank You' page. If you are NOT redirected to the confirmation page, it means one of the required questions in this form still needs to be completed and we have not yet received your request. Please review the form to ensure you have completed all required questions and submit your request again.

Access will be granted within 5 business days. 

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