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Below you will find everything you need to customize, manage and promote your Relay For Life website. Carefully review all the customization requirements to ensure your event details are accurate and up to date.

Quick Publish Guide
"Join a Relay" handout
"Participant Dashboard" handout
"Team Captain Dashboard" handout

Step-by-Step Instructions
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  • Email Calendar - Email calendar includes national campaigns and challenges, as well as a timeline for local engagement and recruitment emails. Simply plug in your event date to calculate email delivery dates!
  • Email Filtering - You can use Participant and Team filters to target your Engagement emails to a specific audience of current event participants, based on team captain status, dollars raised or emails sent!
  • Email Filtering for Targeted Email Campaigns - Follow these step by step instructions to filter your email audience based on dollars raised for the level amount targeted email campaigns.
  • Email Quick Reference Guide


Edit Web Pages


Fundraising & Promotion


Bark For Life


Relay Recess / Relay Field Day



  • OLER Batch Upload Tool - Excel workbook that can be used to enter Offline Estimated Revenue into the Event Management Center of the Relay For Life. This tool is most commonly used at bank night and the night of the event. For training on how to use this tool, visit the Volunteer Learning Center or Society Pathways. Last Updated: 3/2014
  • Weekend Online Event Support Process - This is a great one-pager that instructs you on what to do in case of sudden website 'outages' while your events are taking place. We recommend that you print this and carry with you, or add to your event binders in a place where all your other urgent details are already included.