What's New

Your Relay For Life website is going through a major redesign. There are so many improvements to the site that we can’t list them all, you’ll just have to experience them for yourself. Sign up now!

Here are some of the top enhancements that will make your online Relay experience better.

Registration: Your First Steps... Made Simpler

We’ve completely rebuilt the registration form to make it easier, faster, and more intuitive. We've shortened the registration form by almost half. And the best part? If you’ve participated in an American Cancer Society event in the past, we’ll remember your latest answers to the registration questions.

What's New: Registration
Returning Teams
With one click, any returning team member can reclaim the team name, team fundraising history, and roster information making it easier than ever to get your team up and running for the next Relay season.
What's New: Returning Teams
Dashboard: Your Fundraising Center
We heard your feedback loud and clear and have taken great strides to improve the dashboard experience. From the moment you first log in, you’ll be able to navigate more easily, and take the actions you want to take with fewer clicks. Your new dashboard makes it simple to update your personal page, manage your contacts, ask for donations, invite friends and family to join your team, and manage your team.
What's New: Dashboard
Easier Profile Management
With fewer registration questions, we've made it easier than ever to update your information! Now, you can manage your profile anytime, directly from within your dashboard.
What's New: Profile Management
Email Fundraising
Sending emails to family and friends is one of the most successful forms of fundraising for Relay. Pick from one of our brand new email templates (or create your own), select your recipients, and send. Selecting a sleek, new template and sending an email through your email center is faster, so you'll be able to send more emails (and raise more money!) than ever.
What's New: Email Fundraising
Badges: Show your Relay SPIRIT!
We’ve redesigned the individual and team fundraising badges and added in new activity and status badges. These badges are a great way to visually track your Relay For Life success and spur on competition. The badges will display in your dashboard and on your personal page for all to see. Let your friends see all you’ve accomplished (and encourage them to do the same!).
What's New: Badges
Relay From Your Phone
Every task you can perform on the website can be done from your phone. Want to sign up? Simply visit your local Relay For Life event from your smart phone or tablet. Want to send a fundraising email to friends and family? Just log into your dashboard from your smart phone and have the same great enhanced experience on mobile that you would from your desktop. Now it’s easier than ever to fundraise… and take your fundraising on the GO!
What's New: Mobile
Event Greeting Page
Get all your announcements and event information directly from the Greeting Page. Hosting a fundraiser? The new design allows for easier promotion of team fundraisers. And local forms and flyers are right there for easy access and download.
What's New: Greeting Page
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