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Fundraising for Real Men Wear Pink

Fundraisers are a fun and effective way to raise money and awareness for Real Men Wear Pink. But where do you start? Simple: pick a passion and give it a purpose by turning it into a fundraiser. Whether you love throwing dinner parties or playing a few rounds of golf, hosting an event can give you the extra help you need to make it onto the Real Men Wear Pink leaderboard - and top the charts in the fight against breast cancer. We'll even help you promote your fundraisers - check our your local event pages for details.

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Mobile App

Fundraising is easier than ever with our FUNdraising App. It lets you manage your Real Men Wear Pink campaign right from your phone. You can send donation requests and reminders via email, text message, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And you can accept a variety of payment methods - credit/debit cards, checks, PayPal, Apple Pay and Android Pay - so you can fundraise from anywhere, even your local campaign.

Fundraising Toolkit

Need help harnessing the power of pink? No problem. Our candidate toolkit gives you everything you need to run a successful campaign - from fundraising ideas to sample social media posts.