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All Occasion Cards

We have five greeting cards appropriate for virtually any occasion. All cards are blank; you tell us what message you want printed inside.

There is no minimum donation or maximum number of cards we will print.  Just like our holiday cards and wedding favors, we do not charge a fee for this service. Instead, we leave it up to you to donate an amount you feel is appropriate that will support the American Cancer Society's life-saving mission.

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NE All Occasion Cards - Lavender

NE All Occasion Cards - Fall Foliage

NE All Occasion Cards - Sand Star

All donations may be tax deductible
.  Proceeds support the American Cancer Society's programs of public education, patient support, lifesaving research, and advocacy for social policies that reduce the public's cancer risk.

NE All Occasion Cards - Tulips

You should have your cards in hand within 5 to 7 days business days of placing your order. 
When your order is shipped, you will receive an envelope in which to return your donation.  You may also donate from this Web site by clicking the DONATE link to the left or the donate button below.

Your donation may be matched by your employer.  Check now to see if your company is on our list. If your employer is not listed, your company may still be willing to match your donation. It's best to ask your human resources department directly.

CLICK HERE to order your cards.

Questions? Contact Michael at 1-800-952-7664, ext. 4635. Or, email us at

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