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Dear Family, Friends and Collogues,

It’s the final week of this month-long drive to support Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and once again you all have come through beyond my wildest imagination Bless and THANK YOU!  Last week I mentioned the story of one of our dealer’s family members who I stated I wanted to share her story.  Karen, from Jack Chevrolet, tells a story that is important because it’s for all of us, it’s for us to remind, be reminded and most important to act over the next 11 months before I come back to you looking for support.    


Over this past month you’ve heard about Neva, Shannon and Pricilla and their journey, this week Karen’s journey is not only about who she is, what she went through but more importantly what YOU need to do, for yourself and those close to you. 


Karen is a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a breast cancer survivor, and a colon cancer survivor, but most of all she is grateful, and wants to share her story with you for you.  Please, read her story below, and consider donating to my Real Men Wear Pink campaign, to support Karen and someone who may hear that news over the next 11 months.


Karen’s Story:


Back in 2008 with four little kids running around Karen went to her annual physical and mammogram.  It was during this time they found a lump in her breast.  Karen immediately went to work learning about her options that would allow her to be Karen and on top of that be the mom that four little kids counted on, and the wife that a busy dealer/husband counted on. What Karen learned here is you must be your own advocate; you must put yourself first if your going to be around to help those who need you.  Karen spent time finding the right doctor, the right medical center, and the right treatment, in this case it was 3 dozen rounds of radiation. 


Once on the other side of her treatment Karen set about learning what could have caused this cancer and what she could do to help prevent it from happening again.  In her case it was eating right, a Mediterranean diet, it was cutting out sugar, cancer loves sugar!  She also knew that exercise and prayer were all necessary to keep her healthy going forward. 


In 2016, again following the prescribed exams for a woman of her age she was having her first colonoscopy, Karen had no problems, no symptoms, just following the doctors prescribed check-ups.  As per the procedure, Karen had her mom drive her to the appointment to be there to take her home after the procedure.  When Karen woke up, she saw a note on her bed that read “Patient not to be released until a doctor has seen her.”  Karen was expecting to be getting dressed and ready for home but ended up meeting with the doctor who explained to her and her mother that she had “Stage 3” Colon cancer!  Karen battled through chemotherapy and a colon resection and followed her previous attack on cancer. 


Again, Karen made it through to the other side of this battle with cancer, stronger and more determined to make sure she was ready for living a cancer free life.  Karen continues to follow a healthy diet and exercise regime and wouldn’t miss her recommended appointments and followed through.  When friends and family asked what they could do for her, the answer is always the same, prayer and make sure your following the recommended check-ups for cancer screening.  To find out where you are on getting your recommended test click on the American Cancer Society homepage for more information. 


Thank you for reading Karen’s story, every dollar makes a difference for breast cancer survivors like Karen, and you making an appointment with your healthcare professional to ensure your up to date on your test will make all the difference in the world to those who love you!   


If you can, Please follow the link to donate to my campaign: http://main.acsevents.org/goto/danadamcheck

Thank you!



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