Westside Elementary , Kimberly, WI

Hi, we're Westside Elementary

Event: Sole Burner 5K Walk-Run

Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019


$1,445 raised $1,000 goal

Support Westside Elementary

Thank you to our supporters!

Top Donors
  1. Abigail Castillo$15
  2. Amanda Bekx$30
  3. Amy Diedrick$30
  4. Amy Phillips$30
  5. Annamarie Casale$15
  6. Anthony Casale$15
  7. Ava Strassman$15
  8. Backprinting Fee$25
  9. Bonnie Castillo$30
  10. Braeden Huff$15
  11. Bridgette Lorrigan-Schuh$30
  12. Bryan Crain$30
  13. Caleb Campbell$15
  14. Charlotte Jensen$15
  15. Chris Phillips$30
  16. Cole Heindel$15
  17. Connor Diedrick$15
  18. Danyelle Campbell$30
  19. Delaney Castillo$15
  20. Dylan Eisenschink$15
  21. Ellen Heindel$90
  22. Ellen Heindel$30
  23. Elliott Van Stiphout$30
  24. Emily Phillips$30
  25. Frankie Manecke$30
  26. Garrett Van Stiphout$30
  27. Gordy Halsey$30
  28. Grace Borgmann$15
  29. Iley Weyenberg$15
  30. Jack Berger$15
  31. Jackson Schuh$15
  32. Jason Campbell$30
  33. Jesse Schuh$30
  34. Jessica Reider$30
  35. John Van Stiphout$30
  36. Joshua Crain$15
  37. Julie Kramer$30
  38. Julie R Wendt$30
  39. Kaitlyn Huff$15
  40. Kenlie Schuh$15
  41. Kristy Eisenschink$30
  42. Luci Casale$15
  43. Madelyn Wendt$15
  44. Mark Reider$30
  45. Matthew Crain$15
  46. Mazlynn Weyenberg$15
  47. Miriam Kordus$40
  48. Nathan Phillips$30
  49. Noelle Jensen$15
  50. Payton Schreiber$15
  51. Peter Bekx$30
  52. Peter Bekx$30
  53. Rachel Floyd$30
  54. Rebecca Jensen$30
  55. Riley Crain$15
  56. Scott Huff Huff$30
  57. Shelley M Crain$30
  58. Susan Van Stiphout$30
  59. Tracy Oatman$15

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