Hi, we're 4Ryan

Event: Sole Burner 5K Walk-Run

Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019


$2,025 raised $1,000 goal

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Thank you to our supporters!

Top Donors
  1. Anonymous 
  2. Billie Othrow$30
  3. Cara Edwards$80
  4. Casie Rae$25
  5. Dan Spinato$30
  6. Erin M Mee$30
  7. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  8. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  9. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  10. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  11. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  12. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  13. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  14. Iris M Othrow$130
  15. Jeff Spinato$30
  16. Jenni Niemann$55
  17. Jim Spinato$30
  18. John Benson$30
  19. Jon Othrow$30
  20. Julia and Rafe Flask$50
  21. Justine Bolwerk$25
  22. Karsten Kutschera$30
  23. Katie Massonette$25
  24. Kelly M Brodhagen$30
  25. Kitty Othrow$75
  26. Kitty Othrow$25
  27. Kris Kutschera$30
  28. Lee Bolwerk$50
  29. Lennox Mee$15
  30. Lillian Bolwerk$10
  31. Mindy Popp$30
  32. Morgan Rae$50
  33. Mr. Darrell E DeRidder$30
  34. Mrs. Melissa Benson$30
  35. Mrs. Terri Ann A Verhagen$30
  36. Patty Crane 
  37. Paul Mee$30
  38. Peanut, Biscuit, Churro Spinato 
  39. Penny Strauss$30
  40. Penny Strauss$30
  41. Robert Verhagen$30
  42. Russ Crane$30
  43. Ruth & Lee Price 
  44. Rändi$100
  45. Sole Burner Back Printing$25
  46. Susan M Derby$55
  47. Texas Roadhouse$25
  48. Tim Burns$30
  49. Tim Gosz$80
  50. Todd Schellinger$30
  51. Troy Othrow$25

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