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Event: Sole Burner 5K Walk-Run

Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019


$780 raised $1,000 goal

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  20. Stacey Harp Jochimsen$30

Team Jochimsen!

 We walk on this team to contribute to the fight against cancer in honor of my parents (I'm Tim or Jocho).

Sue and Jerry were an amazing pair of people who took it upon themselves and to rescue my brother and I from a life of bouncing from family to family.  A life of not having anyone to call "Mom & Dad".  Our life of foster care.  They gave us a stable environment to grow up in.  They gave us Christmas and birthdays, but most importantly they let us cal them Mom and Dad, which is what we needed.

They didnt do this for personal gain.  They did this because they were amazing people who wanted to help out their community.

No doubt this was an action that allowed my brother and I to have the life we live now.  In addition to that they also raised three wonderful children of their own who grew up to be repectable great people.  They were great grandparents to their grandchildren and loved by friends anf neighbors.

When they passed away we decided that we would walk this walk every year that we can in honor of them and to continue to help people.  When they died, they did not stop contributing and helping the people around them, they simply do it through us now.  We are motivated to helping because of them and the lasting impact that they made on our lives.

To Sue and Jerry, may your legacy continue through all of us!

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