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Event: Sole Burner 5K Walk-Run

Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019


$1,060 raised $500 goal

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I Made a Donation Allie Broeniman $205
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  1. Alec Palmer$30
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  4. Allie Broeniman$30
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  20. Happy Bartes 
  21. Hope Gregorich$30
  22. Jim Broeniman 
  23. Kathy Burghardt$30
  24. Melissa B. 
  25. Rick Maki$30
  26. Rudy Sennhenn$30
  27. Suzy L. 

About Amie

After years of helping her daughter, Emma through chemotherapy treatment, Amie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. Amie underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy, and entered remission within six months. The Broenimans spent the next few years fairly hospital-free. Emma was out of treatment, and so was Amie. Unfortunately, in 2015 Amie was diagnosed with stage four metasticized breast cancer. Over the following three years, Amie fought this illness. Unfortunately, we lost Amie in August of 2018. 

Amie was an amazing mother, daughter, wife, sister, and friend. Amie was an advocate and a supporter. She did anything, and everything, within her capacity to help those around her. During her funeral, we were asked to carry on her spirit of giving. On May 11, we will do just that and we will walk/run in her honor.

Whether you were close with Amie, or never met her, we ask that you please consider donating and/or joining our team. Your time, donation, and kindness can help change the life of someone who is going through a similar journey as Amie did. 


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Cancer is a fierce opponent, but our team is committed to helping the American Cancer Society raise awareness about what we can do, together, to help end this disease.  Our mission is clear – keep fighting for the day when no one hears the words “you have cancer.”
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Our team’s participation supports the American Cancer Society, the leader in the fight to end cancer.  The donations our team raises will enable investments in groundbreaking cancer research and free information and services for people facing cancer. For more than a century, the American Cancer Society has led the way in the fight to end cancer – and we are excited to be part of their team.


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