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Make Some Noise!
Use your voice and leadership to help fight cancer by participating in the Coaches vs. Cancer program. All coaches from all sports are encouraged to participate.
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About Coaches vs. Cancer
The Coaches vs. Cancer program is a nationwide program where all levels of the athletic community come together to get loud, take action, and help finish the fight against cancer.
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Coaches vs. Cancer PlaybookThe Coaches vs. Cancer Playbook has everything you need to get your school or league involved in planning and hosting a Coaches vs. Cancer event.
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BE A CHAMPION for action!

The Coaches vs. Cancer program empowers coaches, their teams, and communities to take action in the fight against cancer by participating in awareness efforts, advocacy programs, and fundraising activities. Be a champion for action! Join the fight to end cancer by raising funds and awareness!

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TOP Supporters

Top Schools
  1 -  Youth Basketball League       ($1,101.09)
  2 -  School       ($235.00)

Top Teams
  1 -  Connecticut Basketball Conference       ($1,101.09)
  2 -  South Windsor vs Ellington Coaches vs Cancer Game       ($490.00)
  3 -  Pioneer Valley Tip Off 2018       ($205.00)

Top Participants
  1 -  Ari Kwitkin-Close       ($65.00)
  2 -  Andrew Rumney       ($50.00)
  3 -  Lauren Neitz       ($20.00)

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Fundraising Tips

Find Fundraising Tips

You can host a Coaches vs. Cancer fundraiser at any sporting event. All teams from all sports are encouraged to participate!
  Get Loud

Get Loud!

Find the many ways to find your voice and get involved in the Coaches vs. Cancer program. Cancer thrives on silence, so get loud and take action now.
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We are all on the same team when it comes to the fight against cancer, so sign up to participate in the Coaches vs. Cancer program right now!
  About The Society

About The Society

For 100 years the American Cancer Society has led the way in helping transform cancer from deadly to treatable and from treatable to preventable.