Event: Run For Dad

Date: Sunday, June 16, 2019

Company/Club: RRR Motorcycle Club


$4,640 raised $5,000 goal


Thank you to our supporters!

Top Donors
  1. Butchs Hot Stuff Hot Sauce LLC$100
  2. Kenneth T Palmer PC$100
  3. Raritan Road Runners Motorcycle Club$200
  4. Al & Elaine Cangiarella$100
  5. Amy Clement$25
  6. Anglin Rea & Cahalane, P.A.$100
  7. Annette Schultz$30
  8. Anonymous 
  9. Anonymous 
  10. Anonymous 
  11. Anonymous 
  12. Anonymous$10
  13. Aunt Deb & Uncle Jack$35
  14. Aunt Homely$200
  15. Ava Clement$25
  16. Billy Mclaughlin$25
  17. Bob Faucher$50
  18. Brett Anglin$25
  19. Camarie Kipila$25
  20. Carl & Janis Samara$125
  21. Carol Gorden & Family$30
  22. Cassie Westhead$25
  23. Cecelia Iradi$25
  24. Charlotte Boguslawski$100
  25. Charlotte Boguslawski$25
  26. Christine Kipila-Scalzo$25
  27. Corissa Scalzo$25
  28. Diane & Thomas Van Laarhoven 
  29. donald l plant$25
  30. Donna Kipila$125
  31. Dori L Iavarone$75
  32. Doris Titus 
  33. Eileen and Harry Schall$10
  34. Eileen Anglin$50
  35. Facebook Fundraiser$75
  36. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  37. Facebook Fundraiser$40
  38. Facebook Fundraiser$40
  39. Facebook Fundraiser$40
  40. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  41. Facebook Fundraiser$30
  42. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  43. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  44. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  45. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  46. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  47. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  48. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  49. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  50. Facebook Fundraiser$10
  51. From Mom and Pop$50
  52. Gary Schuck$25
  53. Gina Glynn 
  54. Gregory Knox 
  55. Helene Picciuto - A friend of Kim Kipila 
  56. James Palmer$125
  57. James Westhead$25
  58. Jason Novak$25
  59. Jeremy Carney$25
  60. Jim Palmer$25
  61. Joan Roselli RN$25
  62. Jodi Westhead$25
  63. Joey Cavallo$25
  64. Kathy Brooks$50
  65. lauren zalepka 
  66. Lily Clement$25
  67. Maria Xenidis$25
  68. Mark Adamonis$50
  69. Mark Schroeck$30
  70. Mary Ann Jacobs$25
  71. Michael Kipila$25
  72. Michael Sonatore$25
  73. Mikael Blaze Kipila$25
  74. Mr. Brian Kipila$25
  75. Mr. Gregory Knox$25
  76. Mrs. Mary A Squazzo$20
  77. Mrs. Sandra Christine Bittner$25
  78. Ms. Ann-Marie Casperite$25
  79. Ms. Donna M Kipila Ret.$25
  80. Ms. Kim-Marie Kipila$125
  81. Ms. Lisa DiFranza$75
  82. Ms. Michele L Feldman$125
  83. Ms. Pat Bachota$100
  84. Ms. Patricia Rudloff$25
  85. Peggy A Sykes$40
  86. Raquel Scalzo$25
  87. Ron Herr 
  88. Sal Iavarone$25
  89. Sean Bittner$25
  90. Sweeney Family 
  91. Tom & Sandy 
  92. Tom Kipila$25
  93. Tom Kipila$25
  94. Tom Rawanski 






This will be our sixth year participating in Run For Dad! 

We hope you will come out and join us on Father's Day. 

Our team's participation supports the American Cancer Society.  The Donations we raise will enable investments in groundbreaking cancer research and free information and services for people facing cancer.  

We are supported by the RRR Motorcycle Club, a club that my dad was a lifelong member of. 

Before my dad took off on his motorcycle, he would look back at me and the other riders and say, "We're Off Like A Herd Of Turtles."   

We also have a new addition to our team... Our Turtle mascot! 

Thank you all for your team spirit you bring on Father's Day!  I am so proud!

Please join us on June 16, 2019

Mercer County Park, West Windsor, NJ

Come cheer us on!  We'd love to see you!

Or please help us reach our goal by making a donation. 

Our goal is to raise awarenss about prostate cancer and have fun doing it!

Everyone back to my house for a picnic immediatley after Run For Dad!

Thank you for visiting my Team Page.  

Love, Kim

"We're Off Like A Herd Of Turtles" - Mike Kipila

Cheer us on!