Hi, we're Team Thumber

Event: Sole Burner 5K Walk-Run

Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019

Company/Club: The Marion Advertiser


$8,515 raised $1,000 goal

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Top Donors
  1. Angie Brandenburg$30
  2. Anonymous$50
  3. Anonymous 
  4. Anonymous 
  5. Anonymous 
  6. Beatrice Klitz$25
  7. Beaulieau Family$50
  8. Betsy Shauger$20
  9. Betty Anderson$20
  10. Bonnie Carpenter$100
  11. Bonnie L Clark$50
  12. Cathy Bazile Flowers 
  13. Chain O' Lakes Litho$50
  14. Clark and Kathleen LaChapelle$20
  15. Clintonville Area Ambulance Service$100
  16. Colleen, John Olmsted$100
  17. connie L raether$35
  18. Connie Malueg$30
  19. D/L Reissman family$25
  20. Dale Klitz$100
  21. Dan and Mary Tews$50
  22. Dan, Patsy, Angie Brandenburg$1,000
  23. Daniel Brandenburg$30
  24. David and Karen Krubsack$50
  25. David and Margaret SeidenKranz$25
  26. Denise and Sheryl Westphal$60
  27. Denise Brodbeck$25
  28. Don & Bonnie Brandenburg$100
  29. Don and Judy Arndt$50
  30. Dorothy Link$50
  31. Elaine Klitz$50
  32. Facebook Fundraiser$100
  33. Facebook Fundraiser$50
  34. Facebook Fundraiser$25
  35. Facebook Fundraiser$20
  36. Holly Meverden$80
  37. Howard Robertson$30
  38. James and Amy Drake$20
  39. James and Diane Wojtech$50
  40. Jane Marquandt$20
  41. Jeane Brotzman$20
  42. Jeff Keller$50
  43. Jill Pockat 
  44. Joan Krohn$20
  45. Joanne Harvey$20
  46. John and Pat Barlelt$200
  47. Joyce and John Phalen$25
  48. Kathy Presl$100
  49. Lee Berg$80
  50. Linda Arndt 
  51. Lois Miller$25
  52. Lola Zaug$50
  53. Mariah Breitenfeldt$20
  54. Martin Jewellers$20
  55. Mary & Barry Rogers 
  56. Mary Kovach$30
  57. Mary Pockat 
  58. Matching Gift Donation$200
  59. Nancy Mayne$50
  60. Patsy Brandenburg$30
  61. Perry Bublitz$20
  62. Robert Flater$30
  63. Robert Frank$1,000
  64. Robert Kristof 
  65. Robert Schroeder$30
  66. Roberta Frankow 
  67. Ron Zahn$50
  68. Rose Malueg$10
  69. Ruth Ewerts$25
  70. Sandra Krause$100
  71. Sandy Bertram$10
  72. Schafer Foundation$2,500
  73. Shirley Strassburg$50
  74. Stephanie and Stanton Dewhurst$100
  75. Stven Robenolt$250
  76. Tom Bartelt$50
  77. Tracy Schwartz$30
  78. Wanda Tucker$50
  79. William and Karen Radies$25
  80. William and Sandra Radtke$25
  81. William Brandenburg$50
  82. Wilt 

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