Team Marisa in Chicago 2016

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Event: Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Date: Sunday, October 13, 2019


$7,662 raised $3,500 goal

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I Made a Donation Cristina Ballatori $3,881
I Made a Donation Helen Tortorici $3,631
Team Gifts $150
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On October 13, 2019, Team Marisa (Helen Tortorici and Cristina Ballatori) will be participating in the Chicago Marathon as members of the American Cancer Society's Team DetermiNation in support of Marisa Ballatori (Cristina's mom and Helen's best friend of 60 years), who is currently fighting ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of death among women in the United States. It is difficult to detect and, as in the case of Marisa, is often found unexpectedly in its late stages. We chose to participate in the Chicago Marathon for the ACS this year as our small contribution to raising awareness and research dollars for this disease.

Marisa is a selfless, generous, and kind person, whose light and joy shine through her.  She is loving (and fun-loving), and a genuinely beautiful person. Marisa will go out of her way to help anyone without even giving a second thought, and always puts others ahead of herself. She received her cancer diagnosis shortly after her daughter, Cristina, completed her first marathon, the Chicago Marathon, in October 2018. The shocking news of Marisa's diagnosis was devastating for Marisa, her entire family, and friends. 

Following Marisa's diagnosis, Cristina thought that a repeat performance, this time together with her mom and Helen, would be an inspiring and motivating goal to set to help keep Marisa's spirits up through her treatments this year. As luck would have it, Marisa entered the lottery and won an entry to the 2019 Chicago Marathon!



Marisa Ballatori is bravely undergoing treatments and determined to be a survivor. Helen Tortorici and  Cristina Ballatori are determined to experience this event with her on October 13, 2019 as "Team Marisa!" We invite you to be a part of Team Marisa's journey. Please consider making a donation of any amount to help support TEAM MARISA as we try to make a difference in the fight to cure cancer. 

Thank you for your support!

Team Marisa

Cristina Ballatori and Helen Tortorici

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Team Marisa - Join Team Raised
I Made a Donation Cristina Ballatori $3,881
I Made a Donation Helen Tortorici $3,631
Team Gifts $150
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