Melinda Szima d.1988 and Jan Szima d.2017

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Event: Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Date: Sunday, October 13, 2019


$5,449.10 raised $5,000 goal

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The fight against cancer is a very personal story for us, and we would like your help. 

There are many families out there fighting the battle with cancer, wondering how much longer they will have with their loved ones. It's painful to those who are suffering, and it's painful for those of us who wait with them, and watch them suffer. And it's devastating to feel their absence once they are gone. We want to do something about it.

If you could raise money to catch your loved one's killer - would you? Would you scrape up everything you could and give it to the organization hunting that killer down? Well that is what we are doing. Cancer research treatments are expensive.  Getting information out there is expensive. Fighting cancer is expensive. And we are running to raise money for a charity that is in the trenches fighting the battle against this notorious killer. 

By forming a team, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the American Cancer Society in the fight against cancer.
Our mission is clear – keep fighting for the day when no one hears the words “you have cancer.”

With donations like these, ACS has invested over $4.8 billion in grants to fund breakthrough research efforts. Research is critical to finding cancer's causes and cures - and in improving the quality of life for cancer patients. 

The ACS CHANGE grant program has helped more than 915,000 people receive treatment resources and low or no-cost screening exams. 





Please join us in the fight – donate to our team and help us save more lives!

Why We Support the American Cancer Society

Our team’s participation supports the American Cancer Society, the leader in the fight to end cancer. The donations our team raises will enable investments in groundbreaking cancer research and free information and services for people facing cancer. For more than a century, the American Cancer Society has led the way in the fight to end cancer – and we are excited to be part of their team.

Cheer us on!

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MJ's CUREsaders - Join Team Raised
I Made a Donation Debbie Linzenmeyer $2,951
I Made a Donation Allie Graham $2,498.10
Team Gifts $0
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