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Marlene Hill May 8,1949 - May 1, 2020

Marlene was a courageous person with an infectious smile and selfless personality. She was a strong woman and fought a good fight despite her odds. We will miss her and she will forever be in our hearts.

We appreciate you for honoring her with your donation.

Marlene Hill, 70 of Trenton, NJ peacefully transitioned on May 1, 2020.
Born on Kossuth St in Trenton, NJ on May 8, 1949, she lived in her beloved city all her life. Marlene graduated from Trenton High School in 1968, while there she enjoyed being a part of the softball team. She was called Mom by 7 children, Grandma or Mom-Mom by 17 grandchildren and 3 great-grands. She was Mott to old friends, Ms Marlene to the neighborhood, Big Mar or just Marlene. Whatever you called her you knew her by the beautiful smile and brutal honesty disguised as wit. Marlene could be silly at times especially with her grandkids. Being a grandmother gave her enormous joy and pride. She enjoyed taking them on trips to experience new things or just having them around. When asked to describe her, her grandkids have said she’s the G.O.A.T., a phenomenal woman, supportive, beautiful personality, O.G., selfless, real, and inspiring. Her only nephew and his family can agree with those sentiments.

Selfless, can not begin to describe her generosity to others. Marlene endured many challenges in her life, but no one would have known because that great smile was always present. These things made her the person many people loved and respected. She liked to watch courtroom shows, Law & Order and Jeopardy. She would get lost in games on her phone, once she finally gave up her flip phone. This was Marlene, she could be stubborn one moment and progressive the next. Every Holiday and most Sunday’s you would find her in the kitchen cooking for her family making sure to get everyone’s favorite dish in there. Christmas time she would spend hours in the stores looking for the right pajamas for everyone in her family. On birthdays you could expect to receive a call from her singing happy birthday or humming it like a trumpet. Strong and nurturing was ingrained in her personality.

Crest Paper Products was her second family and home. Right out of school Marlene went to work for them and never left. For over 51 years she was there to help generations of restaurateurs, store owners and caterers as well as being a friend and mentor to her coworkers. Rarely taking any time off, she was always available to customers and friends alike. She was their longest working employee. Her knowledge of the products and customers can attest to her being a fixture there. She was tough but always gracious. She was like a mother to her friends there, passing on her decades of knowledge.

Marlene's family and friends will cherish the memories they have of her.