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Lou and Karen Ross

Lou and Karen Ross

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Help Fight Leiomyosarcoma

Karen Granger Ross
3/27/1965 - 8/16/2012

Fight Leiomyosarcoma

It is with great sadness I have come to this point in our lives. I am Lou the husband of Karen Ross. Karen has been and will always be the most inspiring person in my life. There is no way I can put into words the love I receive from her. For 20 years she has been my best friend, support, and loving wife.

Karen was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma in January 2007. We knew immediately we had a very long and difficult road ahead. Yet Karen fought through 7 battles of chemo regiments over the past 6 years. I truly believe a green beret would be impressed by the courage and dignity by which she has fought this rare and deadly form of cancer.

Karen was born Karen Patricia Granger to Omer and Patricia Granger of New Bedford, MA on March 27, 1965. She had two brothers and was brought up in a loving Catholic home. Karen was always the smart one and thus the teacher's pet no matter what school she attended. She graduated from University of MA Dartmouth in 1988 with a BA in English. Karen became a technical writer working at such hi-tech firms such as Wang, Digital, FTP, Intermec, and SAS Institute.

Everyone that has ever met Karen has been impressed with her humor and ability to brighten up a room. She has brought joy and happiness to many people over the years not only to her friends and family but through her service work to the community.

As I stand here at the dawn of having lost the most important person ever in my life, I find it difficult to understand why this must happen. Why is it the good must suffer. Karen has made my life what it is today. I find myself wondering what I will do without her as I go into another phase of my life. I will miss my friend, companion, and love of my life.

Karen has maintained a blog over the past 4 years to help other people with this rare form of cancer. Please visit her blog if you are interested in her story or just want to know more about Leiomyosarcoma. The address is:

You can also view our personal web site to see what a wonderful life we have lived at:

Please help fight this rare and deadly form of cancer. Donate today! Thank you.

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