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You are a lover of nature, plants. You want with your loved ones and immersed in pure fresh scenery of nature. You're looking for a place to leave her to drown melancholy, weariness of life for rice rice shirt money. But you do not have much time and money to be able to reward yourself an expensive trip. Not far from Hanoi where the suburbs of Hanoi are also great places. You can start with booking a room at

Third time here because color is put on fresh wild sunflowers. National Park for several days because the young people are always interested to visit. Not only that place where nature is very beautiful. Green hill, the wind rustling the leaves skewer through each one feeling relaxed. Paradise Stream Ivory, Suoi Tien Long Dam where the Third National to because you should not ignore. Go with nature here you will reach admire, enjoy, explore, take their own photos with relatives most beautiful.

Referring to the new Japanese first place people think of to make sure that the famous peach village. It is not only attracting domestic but also foreign tourists. Most come to the spring festival, and many young people here watching the cherry to save the beautiful moments. Also, if you notice, this is a very romantic place and is ideal for relaxing moments. Red River rocks around the forest with the Wind soft mop romantic look.

There are many people like the film because like beauty shot in the film. Near Hanoi Vietnam alone has filmed scenes where sometimes have difficultly in a wild beauty that is so romantic. Thao Long Bien flowers flooded landscape where flowers and where the smart choice for filming of the famous studios. Ticket prices $ 3 on a not too expensive so visitors here every weekend to be the first choice destination for everyone.

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