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Thank you for choosing to make your birthday mean more by celebrating with the American Cancer Society and creating a birthday Web page. You can also create a page in honor or in memory of someone else. After you create your page, it will be available immediately online. You can access the birthday builder center to customize your birthday page, make content updates, and send emails about your page to family and friends.

Personalize Your Birthday Page



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To create a birthday page, you will need to tell us what type of page you want to create. For an honorary page, you will be creating a page in honor of someone else and will be asked for the name and contact information of that person (the honoree). For a memorial page, you will be asked for the name of the honoree plus the name and contact information of a family member of the honoree. For a personal page, you will simply enter your own name and contact information.



View the image below for an example of how your page will look to your family and friends. As you enter information, the image below will highlight to indicate where that information will be used on your birthday page.


Your Fund Page: Your Fund Page:


The ‘Page Name’ will be the title of your birthday page. Using a descriptive label (such as the name of the page’s Honoree) will help people find your page when they search for it. Note that you can edit this name from your birthday builder center.




Your personal story is the most important part of your birthday page. You don’t have to be a professional writer to create a great story, just be sincere and straightforward. Your passion for creating a world with less cancer and more birthdays is what will inspire others to donate and support you. Check the ‘What We Do’ page for key information about how the American Cancer Society saves lives, thanks to our supporters like you. You can make changes or add more to your story later through your birthday builder center.




The picture you upload here will be displayed on your birthday page. You can change the image later in your birthday builder center. If you want to show even more pictures, you can create and link to photo albums in the birthday builder center.


Upload an Image:

1. Prepare your image.
Images must be .gif, .jpg, or .png files. Files with a .jpg or .png type will be automatically resized to fit in a 225 x 300 pixel space. The maximum acceptable file size is 1.5 Mb.

2. Select the file.
Enter the name of the file on your computer or use the Browse button to select the file.

If unable to access browse button, press enter key here to launch the browse dialog..

3. Click the upload image button.



Your fundraising goal will be displayed on your birthday page and may encourage people to give generously to your cause. *


Suggested Goal: $100.00


The ‘Birthday Page Description’ will appear along with the birthday page name in search results to help distinguish this page from other pages with similar names. You can enter small details about yourself or your the honoree (for example, city of residence, a nickname, or family name). You can edit this later in the your birthday builder center.




Clicking the following checkbox hides this birthday page in search results. Only those people to whom you send a link will be able to view your private page.


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